Technical Promed | About Our Company
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A corporation established in the year 2005 in Kuwait, by a team of industry leaders with expertise in the fields of Medical, marketing, trading and medicine. Our main objective is to flourish into a world class entrepreneur, via progressive implementation of a dynamic, innovative and sustainable system of marketing and trading.


We aim to expand globally through establishing strategic alliances with world-class manufacturers in the fields of Medical, Health Care and Pharmaceutical, especially in GCC keeping the highest ethical standards that delivers exceptional value for our customers, employees, communities, business partners and shareholders.


To provide essential products and services for both private and government Sectors and extend our expertise to other neighboring countries especially those in the gulf co operation council countries (GCC).

Our mission is to make Technical Promed for General Trading co as an innovative company providing highest quality and cutting edge technology by partnering with classic global manufacturers, who updates as the best in approved quality standards with  latest technology.