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BCAA POWDER® 4 : 1 : 1

Together with testosterone,  Leucine is probably the most important element for stimulating and controlling anabolic processes. A high concentration of essential amino-acids, but mainly Leucine in the blood serum will trigger growth hormone release and starts protein synthesis.

Nanox instantized  BCAA powder 4:1:1 is specifically formulated for those athletes searching for an extra stimulation of body mass expansion and extra muscle growth, demanding a continuous and intensive anabolic process stimulation.

Nanox instantized BCAA powder 4:1:1 is also reinforced with an extra portion glutamine and provides the body with 41 g Leucine, 24 g glutamine, 10 g valine and 10 g isoleucine per 100 g of powder making it one of the best performing BCAA muscle building supplements available to bodybuilders and other athletes The product only utilizes free form amino acids of the highest quality for its products manufactured at Ajinomoto, which are the most readily absorbable forms of singular amino acids.

Nanox instantized BCAA powder 4:1:1 has a true excellent solubility and is one of the best tatsing BCAA soluble powders available.


  • 100% pure OPTIPEP, high quality hydrolized whey isolate
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • 100% natural
  • NO ARTIFICIAL sweeteners, flavours or colourants
  • Direct compression without any additives

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Nanox Nutriceuticals’ L-Glutamass is highly in demand with athletes and bodybuilders. Glutamine is the most abundant naturally occurring amino acid in our body and fullfills a variety of biochemical functions. With more than 64%, Glutamine is the most present amino acid in muscle cells. Also, L-Glutamass plays a very important role in protein metabolism.

During exercise, the body needs high concentrations of L-Glutamine which it directly takes from skeletal muscles. Therefore, a regular support of L-Glutamine before and after exercise is crucial.

L-Glutamass contains a mix of naturally L-Glutamine and a highly digestible L-Glutamine peptide-bond fraction in a 50% mix. Glutamine peptides are more stable and better assimilated to your body compared to pure Glutamine.

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To get huge, you must get anabolic. To get absolutely huge, you must get highly anabolic. Nanox Nutriceuticals’ answer to this body building essential is BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables!

This massively potent BCAA formula puts you into a supercharged anabolic state to quicly jack up your muscle gains while insuring you stay out of the horrible catabolic muscle-wasting state. BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables literally turns the anabolic triggering switch within your muscles through a biochemical process called phosphorylation, which sets the stage for permanent muscle growth.

With BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables, not only are you getting the exact ration of BCAA’s (2LEU:1ILE:1VAL) in direct proportion to their physiological requirements for rapid protein synthesis, but you will also be able to drive aminos to your muscles faster than ever with its exclusive and proprietary flavour-delivery system that renders BCAA’s into an extremely potent supplement that is immediately absorbable!

BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables is mega-dosed with a precise amount of comprehensive forms of the musclebuilding essentials: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, designed for ultra-fast absorption and of course needed to build unmatched muscle!

Utilizing state-of-the-art complexes and our advanced absorption technology, BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables supplies your muscles with a precisely dosed 2500 mg of BCAA’s per tablet, needed to build a massive amount of rock-hard muscle. While Vitamin B6 is added in order to maximize absorption beyond the basics, this mega-dosed blend has made BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables the most advanced super-BCAA growth accelerant ever formulated!

BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables stand for:

  • Maximizing lean muscle growth
  • Reducing muscle protein catabolism
  • Increasing overall physical performance

BCAA Shots 5000 Pro CHEWABLES have an incredible wild berry taste that will easily get you hooked!


Nanox Nutriceuticals’ BCAA 1000 make up one third of muscle protein. During intense exercise the BCAA’s are expended from muscle tissue at a rapid rate, leading to increased muscle breakdown. BCAA 1000 is formulated at a specific ratio to enhance absorption and create the ability to enhance muscle tissue recovery.

Furthermore Nanox Nutriceuticals’ BCAA 1000 only utilizes free from amino acids of the highest quality for its products, manufactured at Ajinomoto, which are the most readily absorable forms of singular amino acids.

Due to its excellent quality, BCAA 1000 is one of the best BCAA muscle building supplements available to athletes and bodybuilders.