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The isolox® bar is a dietary supplement specially designed for athletes or other physically active people to maintain their calorific needs in light of their strenuous physical activity.

Isolox® provides a source of high biological valued quality protein of 35% (casein and egg albumin) and a high concentration of complex- and simple carbohydrates that will provide a precise nutritional breakdown in order to assist in maintaining a dietary regimen.
As for all Nanox products  we made it our priority to make Isolox® unique in its flavor as well as in its “filling”.

Another fact about the isolox® bar gives the body the fuel it needs to continue functioning.  Most energy bars or even drinks on the other hand, offer a burst of intense energy followed by a crash.  Their main mechanism of action is metabolic stimulation through B-complex vitamins and central nervous system stimulation through caffeine (or in some cases more exotic “uppers”), enabling the body to burn fuel faster than ordinarily possible, but once the fuel is burned up, the body effectively “runs out of gas” by crashing.

We would like to emphasize that the isolox® bar provides a massive amount of fuel for the body but do not induce metabolic stimulation to aid in the processing of that fuel.

Aside from this, the isolox bar is your best muscle building value.

Isolox® is a high energy bar with a 35% protein content and comes in a delicious caramel flavor.

Isolox®: A nutritional artwork, a masterpiece of flavor.