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HNM Total Recon is committed in providing surgeons and health care professionals with advanced surgical solutions for effective and time-saving treatment of their patients. Our most important task is meeting surgeons’ needs we accomplish this by creating a partnership and driving innovative product development.

CoreCell Matrix is a compressible osteoinductive and osteoconductive stem cell containment matrix derived from
100% allograft bone.  CoreCell is processed using a next-generation proprietary processing method that maintains the interconnected
structure of trabecular bone in a manner that preserves native bone morphogenic proteins (BMP). It allows the
clinician to imbibe it with the patient’s own stem cells, bone marrow aspirate (BMA), growth factors, platelet rich
plasma (PRP), or with an antibiotic solution.  Each lot of CoreCell is verified for osteoinductivity post sterilization to ensure the presence of bone morphogenic
proteins (BMPs) and growth factors. BMPs promote mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) to differentiate into chondrocytes
and osteoblasts that lead to bone formation. Preserved native BMPs provide for an unparalleled osteoactive
grafting material.