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Active sporting gives a lot of stress to our joints and articulations. Through intense use and heavy pressure the joints of a sportier are deteriorating and in fact aging much faster than under normal conditions. Intensive exercise provokes micro fractures and deterioration of the cartilage, which results in a less effective friction of the joint, inflammation and finally pain, which becomes chronically. Mobility is reducing at every stage and finally leads to irreversible damage to the joint.

Proflex® is a very effective product for joint protection with a dual activity for safeguarding mobility and joint cartilage repair. Its five major components are working harmonious together and have as well an immediate action, in terms of decreasing the pain as on the long term on cartilage repair. The product can be taken as well for prevention as for treating joint pain and deterioration.

One of the central components of Proflex® is a novel very high dosed Harpagophytum (Devils claw) extract, containing not less than 20% Harpagosides (40% on UV).
The great properties of Harpagophytum always were limited by the low concentration of actives in the existing combinations. This novel high concentrated extract shows excellent anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-arthritic actions which guarantees fast pain relief, suppression of the inflammation and protection on the long term against inflammatory mediators. The main and most reputed inflammatory mediator, responsible for joint inflammation, is cyclo-oxygenase. A clinical study on the 20% concentrated extract showed a suppression of up to 31% of the COX-2 activity so effectively reducing the inflammation and consequently the pain, without any medicinal side effects! The extract also showed in another study an effective stimulation of the chondrocytes (cells responsible for cartilage formation) and an increase of 38% on GAG – production and of 41% on hyaluronic acid production. These two substances are two of the three elementary building materials of the cartilage. The third main component of cartilage is collagen. Proflex® also effectively stimulate collagen production by adding collagen alpha II hydrolysate to its composition. CH Alpha II is the main active biological stimulator of cartilage production.
Many products contain the much cheaper, but biologically inactive, collagen type I. Collagene type II (CH Alpha II) is present in hyaline cartilage, type I however only in skin, tendons, blood vessels, bone etc… but has no single influence on joint cartilage. A large multi-center double blind clinical trial with CH-Alpha II demonstrated improvements in physical function or overall/global response. In the German population, the positive results were particularly impressive: patients confirmed an improvement in physical function.

Different studies also demonstrated the positive effect on spotters, measuring the thickness and quality of the cartilage, showing an increase of average 14%. Effect of CH-Alpha II is markedly faster than this of a high dosage chondroitine-glucosamin combination and results already are marked after a 2 month’s cure.

Curcuma extract (Tumeric) has been known for ages in ajurvedic medicine as a highly effective treatment for osteoarthritis and joint inflammation. Recent studies describe as well a protective activity in prevention of inflammation as well as a curative activity reducing strongly the swelling and pain of joint inflammation.

Proflex® also contains two accessory products which increases the anti-inflammatory properties at the one side (MSM) and the cartilage repair at the other hand (Osteol).

Together this makes Proflex® as your number one choice for joint protection and joint pain and inflammation reduction.