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Androx Q-12®

Androx-Q12 contains a high dose of the very powerful Testofen® extract and is exclusively developed for those hardcore athletes looking for an arcane and underground competitive advantage that is strictly veiled to mainstream athletes. Besides Testofen®, Androx Q12® contains a selected number of other highly potent ingredients like Avena, Saw palmetto and Nettle root extract, which acts all in synergy and give Androx Q12® its high power and output. Androx-Q12 contains as only the unique addition of specific Lactobacilli, which are necessary for a correct absorption, and transformation of the active substances present in Testofen®. Androx-Q12 is designed for those of you who hold the belief that you can never have too much power. So, prepare for the next evolution in your athletic dominance.


How to use: Take 3 capsules per day, before or during the meal.

Nutritional Supplement – 90 Vcaps – vegetable capsules


ZiMAx is a zinc-magnesium combination from Nanox Nutriceuticals, which delivers both minerals in a bisglycinate chelate form to achieve the highest biological availability. Both chelates are manufactured by the company Albion Chemicals using its patented TRAACS technology.