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Never a company to rest on its laurels, the team of Nanox Nutriceuticals developed Protilox. This precision engineered whey protein isoconcentrate has been designed for active individuals who require more anabolic nutrients to support their higher levels of activity.

Protilox is processed by a novel ultra-low temperature microfiltration process to contain a full balance of undenatured bioactive whey proteins including immunoglobulin (IgG), lactoferrin (Lf) and glycomacropeptides (GMP). It is derived from whey, membrane-filtered and spray-dried by indirect heat to ensure the highest product quality.

Its rapid absorbing amino acid matrix, Hemotex, provides a unique and complimentary profile of amino acids and absorption rates, ensuring a positive nitrogen balance throughout the day while maximum protein synthesis reduces protein turnover and enhances protein retention.

Protilox provides:

  • 23 grams of medical grade fast acting protein
  • excellent ratio of protein fractions such as immunoglobulin, lactoferin and glycomacropetides
  • low fat content
  • low carb content
  • high in BCAA’s
  • high in glutamine peptides
  • incredible taste, even in water
  • instant mixing, fast soluble product
  • aspartame free product

Protilox is available in Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Cappuccino, Strawberry, Banana and Belgian speculaas flavour and comes in 900gr. and 2kg containers.

Protilox: Your maximum muscle recovery!


Varcil-R2® is designed to mark the true nature of a perfect protein powder. The product is considered to be a precise engineered blend containing only the highest quality of whey protein isolate available.
Varcil-R2® Whey Protein Isolate is a homogeneous, free-flowing whey protein isolate powder specially processed from fresh sweet whey via a novel “chilling” or low-temperature cross flow microfiltration / ultrafiltration process to concentrate the protein fractions. It is then spray dried to provide an excellent functional and nutritional source of all natural protein. Thanks to this state of the art production process, Varcil-R2® stands for:

  • A perfect undenatured isolated protein with a full balance of bioactive whey protein fractions, including immunoglobulin, lactoferin and glycomacropeptides to maximize lean tissue growth and prevent inflammation that impedes growth.
  • Highest fractions of Immunoglobulins IgG, IgM and Iga
  • A super high concentrated powder mix with more then 90% protein content in a highly bio available form,
  • Less than 1 gr. fat per kg., the lowest fat content on the market!
  • Mitogenic growth factors such as IGF-1
  • Glutamine peptides
  • An incredible taste even in water
  • Mixing, fast soluble product
  • Aspartame free product

Varcil-R2® contains an Advanced Amino Acid Matrix called Vaplox® which promotes down the absorption rate of the Amino Acids. Therefore Varcil-R2® is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the body throughout the day.

It starts working instantly when dissolved to promote protein synthesis, reduce protein turnover and enhance protein retention.

Varcil is available in the following flavours: Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry, Cappuccinoand comes in 900 g and 2 kg containers.

Nutritional facts

(for Vanilla taste, other tastes represents comparable values)
Varcil-R2® provides all this body building potential along with massive growth promoting peptides and amino acids. It is sure to be the new revolution of slow-digesting protein sources and a rich source of bioactives to enhance recovery.


Orbilox 8® is a micellar casein protein shake, designed to be an extremely slow digesting and rich protein source that continues to feed your muscles long after whey proteins have dropped off. Sustaining steady amino acid elevations for an incredible 8 hours, this product offers a strong anticatabolic effect.

While whey protein may increase protein synthesis to a higher degree then casein, Orbilox 8®shows to be more important in preventing muscle breakdown. The slow and sustained release of amino acids from micellar casein can cause a ‘timed release’ trickle of amino acids into the bloodstream which can last for as many as 8 full hours after ingestion.

Orbilox 8® is the natural undenatured form of casein found in milk. It is seperated from milk by means of ultra-filtration, without the use of chemicals, which increases the amount of bioactive milk peptides that support immune function as well as enhance muscle growth.

Micellar casein forms a ‘gel-layer’ in the stomach. This provides a steady release of amino acids into the blood stream, which makes it an excellent choice for a long lasting anticatabolic protein.

Use Orbilox 8® as your post workout protein, during long periods without food or before going to sleep at night.

Orbilox 8® is available in the following flavours: Vanilla & Belgian Chocolate and comes in 900 g and 2 kg containers.

Orbilox 8®: your private 8 hours muscle coach


Conquest-V6® contains a novel high graded vegetable protein isolate derived from yellow peas and concentrated to a 90% pure protein powder. Due to a unique extraction and purification process, the product becomes highly soluble, easy to digest and to absorb.

A remarkable amino-acid profile:

Conquest-V6® satisfies nearly all the needs of essential amino acids with a particularly high content in lysine and arginine. The level of branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine) in the product is higher than in other vegetable proteins and is comparable to those in milk and egg protein. BCAA’s are of interest in sport foods because they allow maintenance of muscle tissue during intensive exercise.
Compared to other vegetable proteins and milk proteins, Conquest-V6® also is a good source of glutamic acid. Strenuous exercise may be associated with immune suppression an thus increased risk of infections. Glutamine appears to be an important amino acid involved in the functioning of the immune system cells.

The arginine content of Conquest-V6® is very high as compared to other proteins. The richness in arginine participates to the supply of NO to the body (improved vasodilatation). Arginine also contributes to wound healing and enhanced immune responses. it is required in muscle metabolism – maintaining the nitrogen balance, and helping with weight control since it facilitates the increase of muscle mass, while reducing body fat. Especially strength and power athletes will benefit from having a high lean body (muscles) mass / low fat mass.

The proteins in Conquest-V6® have a biological value of 79% and a Net Protein Utilisation of 71% (for comparison, the BV of Total Milk Protein is 80%!).

Low fat and low sugar, lactose-free, allergen free:

Yellow pea protein has the advantage not being accompanied by fat or cholesterol compared to several animal proteins. The product also is free of sugars and especially the absence of lactose makes Conquest-V6® to a first choice product for those athletes suffering from lactose intolerance.

Conquest-V6® has a particularly low allergen potential since most know and reputed allergen-factors are not present. The product is free from gluten, animal proteins, milk derivatives, nuts, soy and wheat proteins.

Conquest-V6® perfectly suits to most diets. The product suits to coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans and is Kosher and Halal approved.


With EXUM MASS XXL® HARDCORE we set the record straight. Size DOES matter! Bodybuilders and hard-trainers alike are always looking for a supplement to help them gain weight fast. Whether you are stuck in a growth plateau or just have a hard time packing that desirable mass, you now have EXUM MASS XXL® at your side to help you break through these frustrating roadblocks. This product is the most superior massbuilder that signals dramatic muscle growth at a fast pace. Check out how this superb supplement, packed with only the most high-graded ingredients, will change the way bodybuilders and other athletes pack on muscle!

The concept of EXUM MASS XXL® HARDCORE basically exists out of 5 components:

Energy-producing Carbohydrate mix:

Nanox Nutriceuticals developed a highly specific proprietary carbohydrate mix existing out of a well defined combination of high molecular weight long chain and branched chain maltodextrins combined with Palatinose®

Palatinose® is the perfect carbohydrate since it does not create blood glucose or insulin level spikes (low glycemic index-GI), causes no tooth decay, does not cause any stomach discomfort when consumed in larger amounts and finally promotes a healthier and stronger physique.
With its slow but complete absorption and hydrolysis, Palatinose® provides a constant and extended stream of energy for muscles and brain. This new source of energy lasts over a longer period of time compared to more quickly absorbed carbohydrates. An ideal product property for today’s life demanding full mental and physical performance.
The intake of a increased (too high) level of normal (fast) sugars can lead to a hypoglycemic reaction due to the fact that the energy out of fast sugars also is consumed very fast which gives a shortage in blood glucose. The consequence will be hunger, tiredness and shaking. This phenomena is also known as “the black whole”. The energy out of Palatinose will only reach this barrier after a much longer period.
Like it has a limited reaction on the blood glucose, Palatinose also has a low insulin index. Therefore this substance highly contributes to maintaining a correct insulin level in our body, contributing to the uptake of nutrients in the body, the production of energy and the formation of muscle tissue.

Advanced Amino Acid Matrix:

Each daily dosage of EXUM MASS XXL® contains no less than 70 grams of a high quality protein mix, designed to signal rapid muscle growth when delivering the exact amino-acid ratio to your body.
EXUM MASS XXL® contains four different proteins, all of only the highest quality available: whey concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolisate and egg albumin.

This state of the art formula is reinforced with an extra 2 grams of BCAA’s in order to jack up muscle growth. This excellent musclebuilding formula contains a whopping daily BCAA’s dosage of 14,33 grams, resulting in an optimal support of protein synthesis and muscle growth.

Crea-Trona®: Double buffered, ultra pure creatin:

Unlike our competion, we continue to extend our boundaries by using Crea-Trona® instead of alkalyn creatine.
Crea-Trona® offers a truly adequate buffer, resulting in a better stability in acid (stomach) and a better uptake of creatin into the cells. The sodium-bicarbonate buffer in Crea-Trona®also supports the body’s own bicarbonate buffer during high-intensity exercises, giving better results in performance at an amazing rate.

Aminogen® Infusion:

A vital ingredient in EXUM MASS XXL® is Aminogen®, a clinically proven substance that increases amino acid levels and boosts nitrogen retention. This patented designer plant derived enzyme will break down protein and improve amino acid absorption.
Aminogen is ideal for increasing lean body mass while promoting muscle recovery.

B-Vitamin & ZIMA complex:

EXUM MASS XXL® delivers 100% of the recommended daily allowance of all B-Vitamins. The B-Vitamins are eight water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism.
B-Vitamins are necessary in order to support and increase the rate of the body’s metabolism, immune function and nervous system function. Furthermore it also helps to maintain a healthy skin and muscle tone by. Last but not least it also promotes cell growth and division.
With its ZIMA (Zinc & Magnesium) complex, this finely tuned mass builder contains a daily support of Zinc and Magnesium at 100% of the recommended daily allowance.
Zinc, an essential trace element, is present in over 100 specific enzymes in our body. Most zinc is present in the brain, muscle, bones, kidney and liver.
Magnesium on the other hand, is vital for an optimal cardiovascular function, for muscle contraction and for nervous activity.
No other weight-gain formula in existence contains this unique combination of ingredients!

Reap the rewards of all your hard work in the gym by using EXUM MASS XXL® to jump start your gains in mass like never before!

Available in a superb Belgian Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavour, container sizes: 2 kg and 4 ,5 kg


  • 100% pure OPTIPEP, high quality hydrolized whey isolate
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • 100% natural
  • NO ARTIFICIAL sweeteners, flavours or colourants
  • Direct compression without any additives


To get huge, you must get anabolic. To get absolutely huge, you must get highly anabolic. Nanox Nutriceuticals’ answer to this body building essential is BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables!

This massively potent BCAA formula puts you into a supercharged anabolic state to quicly jack up your muscle gains while insuring you stay out of the horrible catabolic muscle-wasting state. BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables literally turns the anabolic triggering switch within your muscles through a biochemical process called phosphorylation, which sets the stage for permanent muscle growth.

With BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables, not only are you getting the exact ration of BCAA’s (2LEU:1ILE:1VAL) in direct proportion to their physiological requirements for rapid protein synthesis, but you will also be able to drive aminos to your muscles faster than ever with its exclusive and proprietary flavour-delivery system that renders BCAA’s into an extremely potent supplement that is immediately absorbable!

BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables is mega-dosed with a precise amount of comprehensive forms of the musclebuilding essentials: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, designed for ultra-fast absorption and of course needed to build unmatched muscle!

Utilizing state-of-the-art complexes and our advanced absorption technology, BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables supplies your muscles with a precisely dosed 2500 mg of BCAA’s per tablet, needed to build a massive amount of rock-hard muscle. While Vitamin B6 is added in order to maximize absorption beyond the basics, this mega-dosed blend has made BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables the most advanced super-BCAA growth accelerant ever formulated!

BCAA Shots 5000 Pro chewables stand for:

  • Maximizing lean muscle growth
  • Reducing muscle protein catabolism
  • Increasing overall physical performance

BCAA Shots 5000 Pro CHEWABLES have an incredible wild berry taste that will easily get you hooked!

Protein Pancake/Waffle Mix®

Protein pancake and waffle mix is a rich mixture based on oatmeal, enriched with 40% pure whey and albumin proteins.

For 3 to 4 pancakes: mix 100 grams (2 scoops) of instant powder mix with 120 ml of water or skimmed milk. Leave it to stand for 5 minutes.

In the meantime, heat a pancake pan (preferably a non-stick pan, or use a little fat or oil). Pour the batter mix into the pan and spread out evenly. Flip the pancake as soon as the batter is dry and the underside has browned. Your pancake is now ready.


For 4 waffles: Mix 100 grams (2 scoops) of instant powder mix with 200 ml of water or skimmed milk. Leave it to stand for 5 minutes. Heat the waffle iron and put the batter onto one side of it. Close the lid and let it cook for 2 minutes. Your waffle is now ready.

Expandrox XV3®

Expandrox XV3® is a combination product signifying the cornerstone for a perfect nutritional support during your training program. Expandrox XV3®exist out of three phases during which each phase support the following and act complementarily with each other;

  • Phase 1 (red capsules) is the loading phase during which your body is loaded with a number of valuable nutritional substances such as Fenusteroles (fenugreek saponines), Red Beet extract which is an excelling source of nitrogen and betaine, and Citrulline malate.
  • Phase 2 (silver-grey capsules) is the charging phase during which the muscles already are activated. It contains the key-substances  apple extract/grape extract – mix, a first class source of polyphenoles and chlorogenic acid, beta alanine and citrulline malate.
  • Phase 3 (blue capsules) optimizes the entire complex that has been built up during the complete day and gives a maximum support for your efforts as output to the body.

Expandrox XV3 acts in a chronological way. By this it is very important to respect the order of consumption of the capsules.

  1. Moring, during breakfast: 3 red capsules;
  2. at noon during lunch: 3 silver-grey capsules;
  3. one hour before training or before supper in the evening: 3 blue capsules.


Nanox Hydrolox® is prepared from pure Optipep® hydrolyzed whey protein isolate and is the most advanced hydrolysate available in sports nutrition. Optipep® offers a superior nutritional profile with particularly rapid absorption; it is almost completely digested and has an extraordinarily rich amino acid profile.


Hydrolox® contains no fats or carbohydrates and is therefore the ideal solution for advanced professional sports nutrition.


CARNILOX® is a complete protein made from pure hormone-free beef. The protein is not chemically hydrolyzed, but it undergoes optimum hydrolysis at high temperatures and pressures. As a result, all the essential nutrients that are present, such as peptides, amino acids, nucleotide fractions, vitamins and minerals, are preserved as far as possible. This is therefore a pure protein product, with a purity of no less than 97% protein.


CARNILOX® is very easily digested, dissolved and absorbed thanks to the specific hydrolysis process that is used. CARNILOX® is low in calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium, and is free of carbohydrates.

BCAA Powder® 4 : 1 : 1

Together with testosterone,  Leucine is probably the most important element for stimulating and controlling anabolic processes. A high concentration of essential amino-acids, but mainly Leucine in the blood serum will trigger growth hormone release and starts protein synthesis.Nanox instantized  BCAA powder 4:1:1 is specifically formulated for those athletes searching for an extra stimulation of body mass expansion and extra muscle growth, demanding a continuous and intensive anabolic process stimulation.Nanox instantized BCAA powder 4:1:1 is also reinforced with an extra portion glutamine and provides the body with 41 g Leucine, 24 g glutamine, 10 g valine and 10 g isoleucine per 100 g of powder making it one of the best performing BCAA muscle building supplements available to bodybuilders and other athletes The product only utilizes free form amino acids of the highest quality for its products manufactured at Ajinomoto, which are the most readily absorbable forms of singular amino acids.Nanox instantized BCAA powder 4:1:1 has a true excellent solubility and is one of the best tatsing BCAA soluble powders available.