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SOLIDEA is an Italian complete line of elastic socks, support tights and graduated compressions stockings to prevent leg health and the body’s well-being. All products of the SOLIDEA collection come with OEKO-TEX certificates that guarantee the non-toxic nature of the chemicals used in the dyeing process.

preventive line

If preventing is better that curing then today’s prevention is fashionable thanks to SOLIDEA collections: soft and elegant stockings and tights that think of the well-being of legs with style and femininity.

therapeutic line

Today you can care for the health of your legs without mortifying them with rigid and ugly supports: SOLIDEA proposes garments, from stockings to knee-high socks, from tights to wristbands and single-leg tights, in various compression classes and all of which are exceptionally soft and elastic, comfortable to wear and with an unequalled touch of elegance.

cellulite control

Innovative technology and yarns combine with softness, practicality and elegance for versatile garments, invisible under clothing. With the extraordinary trump card of a special micromassaging three-dimensional relief fabric: a true secret weapon against cellulite!

for men

For men who care about well-being and fitness: a high-tech garment line made using leading-edge yarns, invisible below clothing, recommended for sports but perfect every moment of the day.
And for those who need a bit more help: Therapeutic products dedicated to men, safe and effective.


SOLIDEA makes “expecting” sweeter with lines of tights and girdles that combine well-being, style and elegance even during the happiest period of a woman’s life.


This line of elastic supports, ideal for sports but designed to everyone to care for and prevent pathologies of the limbs, comes from Solidea’s dedication to well-being, health and ongoing technological innovation. Special!: an exclusive silver-ion bacteriostatic yarn prevents bacteria from proliferating, impeding the onset of bad odors and ensures the utmost comfort.


Solidea dedicates a specific sports product line for dynamic men and women who care about fitness and well-being. These garments make workout more enjoyable, improve performance and, last but not least, render the benefits that come from physical activity more effective and enduring.