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Since 1997, VESALE Pharma has established a comprehensive development plan and increased investment in R & D in its different therapeutic areas, with particular focus on probiotics. Research programs pursue a major goal: to develop new effective and safe health products and innovative dosage based on major health needs or welfare who have not yet found satisfactory answers.


Supporting men and women throughout their lives, preserving their health and well being by offering them innovative solutions – this is the mission of the Belgian pharmaceutical company, Vésale Pharma.  A pioneer in the probiotic area, in 1996 Vésale Pharma introduced the first probiotic to the Belgian market: Bacilac, developed in cooperation with the University of Liege. This insistence on quality has recently been recognised with the award of a quality label by the European Scientific League for Probiotics (ESLP).  Vésale Pharma is active in more than 40 countries world-wide with a range of products exclusively available in pharmacies.

Bacilac Child contains two types of bacteria normally present after birth in the intestinal flora.
Each sachet of Bacilac Child contains 5 billion freeze-dried Lactobacilli rhamnosi GG and Bifidobacteria Bb-12.
Bacilac Child may be used in all cases where the intestinal flora of your child needs a helping hand.

Bacilac Instant

Each capsule of Bacilac instant contains 5 billion bacteria coming from the most documented strain world-wide, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. These bacteria are normally present in our intestinal flora and contribute to its proper functioning. The mouth-soluble form, ‘Instant’, is a  galenical  innovation arising out of research by Vésale Pharma; the product may be absorbed without water, which means great facility of use and improved comfort.

Vinalac is the product of a patented technology developed in cooperation with the University of Liege .

These are the first specific coated tablets of Lactobacilli. This technology makes it possible to achieve better protection of the tablets during production and also combination with the vitamins.
A complex of vitamins and minerals enriched with lactobacilli and specially adapted to suit the specific needs of pregnant and breast-feeding women.
The nutritional supplement Vinalac contributes to the normal functioning of the pregnant woman’s immune system.
Vinalac makes it possible to compensate for the deficiencies in minerals and vitamins of our modern diet.
Its high iron, selenium, folic acid and iodine content helps in particular to support the normal development of the foetus.
Vinalac is the first multi-vitamin and mineral supplement  to contain 5 billion Lactobacillus rhamnosi HN 001 in each tablet.

Bacilac Forte : The Vésale Pharma company put Bacilac on the market for the first time in 1996, well before the general vogue for ‘good bacteria’. It was  the first food supplement in Belgium to be based on Lactobacilli. Bacilac was developed in cooperation with the Universities of Liege and Gembloux. Bacilac Forte Intelicaps® contains two types of bacteria normally present in the intestinal flora: Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. Each capsule of Bacilac Forte Intelicaps® contains 5 billion freeze-dried Lactobacillus rhamnosi GG and Bifidobacteria Bb-12, complementary strains among the most documented world-wide. Bacilac Forte is recommended in all cases in which the intestinal flora needs a helping hand.
Bacilac Forte also has the benefit of the new encapsulation technology, INTELICAPS®, which ensures better survival of the bacteria.

Bacilac Femina

Our bodies are host to a huge number of good bacteria which constitute the flora of our organism.  The Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1® and reuteri RC-14® bacteria are specific strains of the female flora of which it is essential to maintain the correct balance. Each capsule of Bacilac Femina contains at least 5.4 billion freeze-dried bacteria of the Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1® (50%) and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14® (50%) types.  The choice of the type of strain and its quantity by capsule has been determined on the basis of numerous scientific studies.


Digestive discomfort linked to slow transit and/or hard stools is frequently found in our Western countries, particularly in women and in old people. There are many contributory factors: low-fibre or unbalanced diets, low-calorie food regimens, stress, travelling, taking of medications, menstruation, pregnancy, lack of physical exercise, sedentary lifestyle, postoperative convalescence etc.
Combined with a balanced lifestyle, a natural aid to proper intestinal function and  regular bowel movements may prove to be necessary.

Cibalax is a highly concentrated combination of bacteria and dietary fibres  working in synergy. It is effective quickly, from the first day. Cibalax does not cause any weight gain and may be used over long periods.